Apart from training the disadvantaged and disabled in basic culinary and entrepreneurship skills, we host Social Outreach Activities aimed at raising awareness among the public of the challenges faced by people with special needs and elderly in Singapore. These activities which also serve as team building activities with a Corporate Social Responsibility element include:

– ‘Lunch Treats for the Elderly’, where participants/volunteers interact with and serve elderly folks who are dependent on walking aids, are wheel chair bound or bedridden when they visit Dignity Kitchen for a meal treat.

– ‘Hawker for the Day’, where individuals attain awareness of the challenges faced by the disabled manning hawker stalls and also gain an experience of a day in the life of a hawker.

– ‘Working with the Disabled’ games, where participants understand the difficulties faced by those with special needs through interactive games.

– ‘Cook/Bake and Serve’, where participants cook desserts or bake muffins/cupcakes for the elderly folks who visit us for a meal treat.

Through emphasis on productivity and employing innovative means to educate, Dignity Kitchen hopes to sustain as a training and development platform, engaging people from all walks of life and almost all disabilities, within a food court environment.