a. Dignity Mama Stall, which aims to offer mothers with intellectually/physically challenged children an opportunity to work together and run a business in the form of a second hand bookstore. The intention of Dignity Mama Stalls is to put parents with challenged youth together and equip them with basic entrepreneurship skills.

b. Dignity Kitchenette, where trainees learn a culinary skill (E.g. Cooking noodles or preparing beverages) and utilize these skills to create a living. Currently, Dignity Kitchenette operates at Singapore School of Science and Technology.

c. Dignity Cottages Flea Market, is a platform where disabled entrepreneurs come together to utilise Dignity Kitchen as a platform to sell their second hand products or handi-crafts. The flea market takes place every first and last Sunday of the month between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm.


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