ServeHope received a Recognition Award at the inaugural EEN (Enabling Employer Network) Award 2012. This reaffirms ServeHope’s Mission (1 Job 1 Hope). We thank all our Customers/Partners and Special Colleagues for their continued support.

The aim of this article is to encourage more employers to employ more visually/physically challenged with special talents and integrate them into their workforce. There are 48 companies being recognised for employing visually/physically challenged with special talents into their workforce..ServeHope is glad to be part of this EEA (Enabling Employer Award).

Message from Mdm Halimah Yacob

Congratulations to the winners of the second Enabling Employers Awards.

The Enabling Employers Network (EEN) has been championing employment of persons with disabilities since 2007. The Network, with MCYS support, has engaged more than 170 companies from various industries, such as hospitality as well as food and beverage, to commit to more than 750 employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. In 2010, EEN established two Centres for Training and Integration (CTI) in the hospitality and call centre industry to prepare persons with disabilities for open employment. These commendable milestones and tireless efforts will help sustain the employment of persons with disabilities in the workforce.

Today, I am pleased that there is a greater diversity of industries recruiting and retaining persons with disabilities in the workplace. MCYS had set up the OPEN DOOR Fund, in partnership with WDA, to support companies to redesign jobs, modify workplaces and provide paid internships for persons with disabilities. To date, more than 150 companies have utilized this fund and I encourage all employers to tap the OPEN DOOR Fund to create an environment where everyone can contribute in a meaningful way. With more employers recognizing the contributions persons with disabilities can provide to their companies, we are a step closer to realizing Singapore’s vision of an inclusive society.

I thank the employers, the EEN and its members for their continued and laudable efforts in advancing the employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

I wish EEN continued success in its future endeavours.


ServeHope Pte Ltd

The visually/physically challenged with special talents that ServeHope Pte Ltd employs are mostly home-based with challenges in mobility. The company is committed to customize the job specifications so every special talents in the company, (eg. 1 hour/day Job). The company focuses on the special talents’ strengths and complements their weaknesses with their fellow colleagues’ strengths. The special talents are given opportunities to learn New System and Technology with their Overseas Partners from US and Europe. The PWDs are given the opportunity to be trained as a Mentor to newer special talents.


“I am firmly committed to respecting staff who serve with their abilities based on what they bring to the organization. Sometimes it is easier to accommodate adjustments for special talents than those without visible disabilities as we tend to automatically adjust. It is all a question of perspective at the end of the day.”Bobby Wee, Web/IT Support

“Today as IT Support Assistant staff, I thank ServeHope for helping me to gain self-confidence to work to the best of my abilities. I also thank the company that I can learn website maintenance whenever they need me to update the website.” – Jeremy Koh, IT Support Assistant

“I joined ServeHope as a tele-sales marketer, On June 2011, using Skype to make calls. I faced many difficulties as a newbie in this job, but am grateful for the advice I received from Aunty Grace, my superior acting as my mentor as well as an advisory. She gave me useful advice on the difficulties I faced with. I appreciate their willingness to give me the chance to prove myself, and keenness in giving me help and support on the job. I hope to help ServeHope get morte people to know them to show my appreciation.” – Edwin Chew Fu Chuan, Telesales Marketer.

“We thank our visually and physically challenged with special talents for giving us the opportunity to work with them. They are like Diamonds when the right skills and value systems are inbuilt in them.” – Management